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Services adapted to the modern market demands

Due to a continuous growth of the cutomers needs, Norad and its service organizations adapted their services to the modern market demands.




In short be welcome to stay a moment and read about these in the sections below:

  1. Service Contracts
    1. in warranty
    2. off warranty
    3. repairs on call base
  2. Service Insurance contracts based on yearly fix flat rate, payable in monthly instalments
  3. Maintenance Contracts for beer draft installations & post mix equipments and wine equipments
  4. Installatin & redrawings
  5. Logistic & delivery
  6. Collecting & Recycling

    Please click on the pictures below and provide the following details for the product you want to recycle or for which you would like to receive recycling informations:
    1. Serial number of Norad product
    2. Your company name
    3. Contact name
    4. Address
    5. Telephone number
    6. E-mail

    We will dispatch the information to you shortly.

  7. Recycling1 Recycling2
Our Clients

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